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      中文 ENGLISH
      • 2019
        PTA balloon catheter received CFDA approval
        PTCA balloon catheter received CFDA approval
      • 2018
        Urinary Access Sheath received CFDA approval
        Bone Cement Injector received CFDA approval
      • 2017
        Bone Cement Filler, Puncture Needle and Kyphoplasty Guide System received CFDA approval
      • 2016
        Kyphoplasty Balloon Catheter received CFDA approval and started clinical application
        Received “National Hi-Tech Enterprise” honor
        Won the third prize of Biology Group in Guangdong Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition
      • 2015
        PTA Balloon Catheter completed RCT
        PTA Balloon Catheter, Kyphoplasty Tool Kit and Balloon Catheter received CE certificate
      • 2014
        Kyphoplasty Balloon Catheter completed RCT
        Kyphoplasty tool kit received CFDA approval
        Established production line for stent and Kyphoplasty tool kit
      • 2013
        Received ISO13485 quality management system approval
        Established production line for balloon catheter and braided/coiled tubing
        PTCA balloon catheter completed CE certificate
      • 2012
        Established Class 10,000 and 100,000 Clean Rooms
      • 2011
        Established in September 2011 at Guangzhou Science Park