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      Pinecy TM kyphoplasty balloon are designed for minimally invasive procedure to treat compression fractures of the spine to stabilize and strengthen the bone to avoid further compression and relieve back pain.
      Spinal Vertebra Fracture caused by
        • Features
          Defined marker band on the shaft can help to identify the placement of the balloon tamp
        • 02
          Bone marrow needle tip designed to establish accurate channel for balloon insertion
        • 03
          Symmetrical balloon shape and atraumatic tip contribute to ideal balloon expansion and cavity formation to avoid damages of vertebra wall
        • 04
          Wind range of balloon tamp for different clinical needs


      Description Balloon Size Pressure Max Volume
      Regular Balloon 6*10mm 300psi 4ml
      Regular Balloon 6*15mm 300psi 4ml
      Regular Balloon 6*20mm 300psi 6ml
      Curved Balloon 6*15mm 300psi 4ml
      Thoracic Balloon 6*11mm 300psi 3ml
      Thoracic Balloon 5*10mm 300psi 2ml


      CE, CFDA approved
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